Spinneys Flower Festival 2015

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15 July 2015
Spinneys organized a first-of-its-kind Flower Festival in its Hazmieh branch. The festival, which began on April 24th and ended on May 21st, was open for nurseries for no charge and was a non-profit activity by Spinneys as a way to celebrate the blossoming of the season’s botanical beauty.

“We are working to constantly surprise our customers with the value we bring as a premium retailer, during spring and summer our customer are outdoors so we thought we will bring that beauty closer to them while shopping at Spinneys,” said Ralph El Kahi, Group Head of Marketing at Spinneys, adding: “Throughout the festival, our shoppers also learned how to decorate their gardens and balconies the green way and in a manner that contributes to a more beautiful urban environment.”

The participants in the Spinneys Flower Festival displayed their greenery and offered their expertise to the loyal customers on how to add a touch of flowery green to the urban landscape.  The nursery owners expressed their gratitude towards Spinneys for giving them the opportunity to display their products and offer their services for no charge to the thousands of Spinneys customers. 

Spinneys continuously organizes activities to promote environmental values and greener urban spaces. The success of the event encouraged the leading retailer to consider maintaining this activity among its annual programs of community engagement, and environmental stewardship for the value it brought to its loyal customers.