The benefits of cutting back on animal protein

The benefits of cutting back on animal protein

Well-Being – 22.02.21

Cutting back on animal protein doesn't mean losing out on flavour. Swapping meat for veggies, lentils and other nutritious, plant-based ingredients can provide excellent results


Mixing up your diet with plant-based protein instead of the animal variety is becoming increasingly popular. There was once a school of thought that suggested protein derived from animals was the only way to get your daily amount. However, in recent times, this approach has proven to be not only outdated, but incorrect too.

Chicken breast, lean beef and eggs have long been the bodybuilders go-to supply for fueling their muscles. And whey protein, which is also made from dairy, has been used as a supplement for making strong bodies for decades.

And while animal protein is still exceptional and will help you to maintain a healthy body, there are a few reasons why balancing it with plant-based alternatives can pay off in a big way.

New research and technologies have unearthed new, animal-free ways of consuming the daily recommended amount of protein. And the benefits don't stop there. Here are five reasons why you should consider mixing up your protein sources occasionally.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Certain people are at risk of high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease in later life. One of the things that doctors suggest to combat this is taking out the cholesterol and fat associated with the likes of eggs and red meat as it helps to ease the strain on your heart. Even if you're not at risk, low fat protein alternatives from plants and vegetables are still a great way to support muscle growth and also help reduce heart conditions in later life.

Helps with weight loss

Eating more meat and dairy products can give you amazing results when it comes to creating a lean, muscular figure. But if you're struggling to cut some weight, without all the heavy lifting at the gym consider going with non-animal based protein. It's generally lower in calories and you can enjoy cleaner, more nutritionally dense meals that will help you see the weight fall off.

Diversifies your diet

When you realise that you can get your protein from different sources, it can really help to make cooking less of a chore. You can experiment with seitan stir-fry or even create chickpea burgers a few nights per week to add new textures and flavours to your protein-rich diet. You can even add plant-based protein to your regular meat and seafood dishes to create an even healthier punch.

Can give you extra brain power

While there's no serious issues documented with animal-protein on your brain, some people can suffer from a sluggish feeling after consuming it. If this is you, then we have a solution for you. Multiple studies on vegan and vegetable based protein sources have show that they can help you flex your brain muscles and keep you alert for longer.

Impacts positively on the environment

Consider the flexitarian approach to your protein diet. You can still enjoy your healthy steaks, chicken dinners and omelettes when you want, but just a couple of days per week of changing things up can really help reduce the harm on the environment as a whole.