• Cream cheese 500g
  • Whipping cream 4 tbsp
  • Lemon 1
  • SpinneysFOOD gold crusted smoked salmon 300g
  • White pepper to taste
  • SpinneysFOOD salt to taste
  • Capers 3 tbsp
  • SpinneysFOOD fresh dill 20g


  • Loaf tin 1

Nutrition (Per serving)

  • Calories 275
  • Fat 19.8g
  • Saturates 9.3g
  • Protein 15.2g
  • Carbs 5.7g
  • Sugars 5.7g

Given the cook-at-home nature of Spinneys and natural variations in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated."

Gold-flecked salmon terrine

French 45 Mins Prep

  1. Line a 25cm x 13cm loaf tin with cling film, leaving a 5cm overhang on all sides.
  2. Prepare the salmon by trimming any brown edges and set aside.
  3. Combine the softened cream cheese, whipping cream, lemon zest and juice in a food processor and blitz until smooth.
  4. Finely chop the dill. Rinse, drain and chop the capers. Stir both into the cream cheese mixture.
  5. Season with the salt and white pepper.
  6. Arrange the first layer of salmon on the base of the loaf tin, slightly overlapping each ribbon and allow some to hang over the sides.
  7. Place the loaf tin on a scale and weigh out 150g of the cream cheese mix and top with another layer of salmon ribbons.
  8. Repeat the layering process until all the ingredients have been used, finishing with the salmon.
  9. Fold the excess cling film over the salmon and gently press down.
  10. Weigh the terrine down with a few tins of tomato (or any other tinned food) and refrigerate overnight.
  11. Slice the terrine and serve.