Count to Tent

Literally the most exciting thing you could say to my kids is ‘Would you like to have a sleepover?’ Let’s be clear, in my day this involved sleeping on the floor in a polyester sleeping bag, scaring ourselves silly with ghost stories or elicit VHS tapes of Nightmare of Elm Street, before falling asleep talking about the boys we liked. Today, it’s a different story.

Recently I booked Count to Tent for a treat and it blew my mind. The team has a huge range of themes to choose from, and we opted for rainbows and unicorns. What can I say? My girls are 3 and 5! They showed up and transformed our spare room with tents, fairy lights, blankets and a million little touches that made it so special.

The girls were absolutely delighted to spend the night in their tents (as was I!). I’d highly recommend it for small groups and birthdays.

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Divas on Wheels

This pampering party bus is a girly paradise. It arrives outside your home, the red carpet is rolled out, and inside you’ll find a makeup table, pedicure stations, dress-up area and a flatscreen TV. Divas on Wheels is the brainchild of two friends and was launched earlier this year. They converted the interiors of a school bus into a space your child will never forget. They can cater for little ones up to teens, with makeovers, princess dresses and karaoke, with various packages available.


Heartmade Events

One of the things I know a lot of people have missed over the last few months is the cinema, and while you can now go, what if none of the movies interests you? What if your kids would rather watch a favourite, and you’d quite like to binge on your Netflix obsession in style, or even game on a large scale?

Heartmade Events specialise in at-home entertainment, and one of their most popular offerings is a giant inflatable screen that can go up in your garden, complete with projector, speakers and bean bags. Now that the weather is cooler, you could do an outdoor screening at sunset with the little ones, then happily indulge in Selling Sunset (just me?). It plugs into your phone or device, and couldn’t be easier.