Wholesome mix with beetroot cumin dressing and seed crackers

Wholesome mix with beetroot cumin dressing and seed crackers

20 mins Prep · 10 mins Cook

Pack extra flavour into the crackers by finely chopping rosemary or thyme and adding it to the seed mix before baking

Created by Spinneys
Prep time 20 minutes
Cook time 10 minutes
Serves 4
Cuisine Mediterranean
Diet Vegetarian
Preparation Easy
Nutrition (per serving)
Calories 348
Fat 25.8g
Saturates 5.3g
Protein 12.7g
Carbs 23.5g
Sugars 4.2g
Given the cook-at-home nature of Spinneys and natural variations in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated. See details

Cooking Instructions

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To make the crackers, place 560ml of water, the sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax and chia seeds, the psyllium husk and ¼ tsp of salt in a large bowl and set aside for 20 minutes.


Preheat the oven to 150°C, gas mark 2. Line a baking tray with baking paper.


Spread the seed mixture to approx. 4-5mm thick on the baking tray.


Place in the oven for approx. 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.


To make the dressing, start by cooking the beetroot. Place the cooked beetroot, nut butter, mustard, garlic, cumin, the rest of the salt and the water in a blender and blitz until completely smooth and combined.


Roughly break up the seed crackers.


Place the salad mix in a large bowl or serving platter, top with the feta along with seed crackers and a drizzle of the beetroot dressing.