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A beloved street food taking its name from the Sicilian word for oranges, which these stuffed rice balls resemble in shape and colour when coated in breadcrumbs and fried. The rice itself was introduced by the ruling Arab emirate, and the original recipe may be derived from Levantine snacks such as kibbeh. Regional variations have long since developed around the island, including cone-shaped arancini inspired by the volcanic profile of Mount Etna

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Orange blossom crema fritta

Orange blossom crema fritta

The first mention of the lemon tree in any language comes from an Arabic source, and citruses bloomed across the medieval Emirate of Sicily. Islanders remain powerfully fond of lemons, eating them raw with salt, in salad, in sherbet, with meat and fish. They also infuse many desserts, along with other blooms used to fragrance and flavour native sweets: rose water, orange blossom, bergamot and jasmine

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Tomato salad with salsa di acciughe

Tomato salad with salsa di acciughe

The anchovy dressing in this recipe brings out the umami flavours in tomatoes – just make sure the tomatoes are perfectly ripe and at room temperature

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Herby cannellini bean gnocchi in balsamic lamb ragu

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