Mauritian coconut flan with coffee caramel

Mauritian coconut flan with coffee caramel

30 mins Prep · 45 mins Cook

Mauritian flan is a creamy, custard-based dessert with a caramel topping. It is typically made with simple ingredients such as eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla extract

Created by Spinneys
Prep time 30 minutes
Cook time 45 minutes
Serves 4-6
Cuisine African
Diet Vegetarian
Preparation Moderate
Nutrition (per serving)
Calories 735
Fat 39.6g
Saturates 30g
Protein 18.2g
Carbs 83.3g
Sugars 80.7g
Given the cook-at-home nature of Spinneys and natural variations in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated. See details

Cooking Instructions

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Preheat the oven to 180°C, gas mark 4.


Combine the sugar and coffee in a small pot over a medium heat and stir until the sugar dissolves. Continue cooking for 5-10 minutes, or until caramelised.


Pour the mixture into a 20cm non-stick baking tin. Swirl it around to cover the base.


In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the remaining ingredients and pour over the caramel.


Place the dish in a roasting tray large enough to accommodate it. Fill the tray with warm water, just enough to reach the mixture line.


Place the tray in the oven and bake for approx. 45 minutes or until just set.


Remove from the oven and cool to room temperature before refrigerating for at least 4 hours or overnight.


To unmold, place the bottom of the tin in warm water for approx. 5 minutes. Run a knife around the edges of the tin. Invert a serving plate over the tin, hold tightly and quickly turn over. Gently, shake the mold to release the flan.


Top with the coconut flakes and serve immediately.