Is there anything better than a big bowl of hot soup? It never fails to comfort, which is why our chef has created four vegetarian SpinneysFOOD Soups.

Our tomato and basil soup has the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. The curried butternut, ginger and coconut soup has a bit of heat from chilli and ginger. Lemon juice gives the Arabic lentil soup a refreshing kick. The chunky Moroccan harira soup is a fragrant, wholesome mix of rice, chickpeas and brown lentils.


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White out

Don’t miss our SpinneysFOOD Full Fat Fresh Cow’s Milk and Low Fat Fresh Cow’s Milk the next time you’re in store. Both types of milk are locally-sourced from a farm in Al Ain. The Holstein cows at the farm are fed a diet of forage, alfalfa, silage and grains to ensure they produce the best quality milk.


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Buzz about biltong

One of the most popular snacks in South Africa, protein-rich biltong can also be shredded into stews and other savoury dishes.

Our SpinneysFOOD Biltong is prepared from excellent cuts of hormone-free beef and has been flavoured with a carefully curated spice mix. It has also been specially packaged to ensure it retains its flavour and chewy texture.

New and improved

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AED 125.00 / Per Kg !

Roughly 100 g per unit.

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AED 120.00 / Per Kg !

Roughly 120 g per unit.

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Celebrity chef, restaurateur and global MasterChef judge Silvena Rowe’s deli creations for Spinneys have become customer and staff favourites. Here, she chats about each dish.

Chicken noodle salad

Everyone loves Asian food and I wanted to create a vibrant salad that is light and different. There’s a touch of turmeric, a dash of tamari, a drizzle of soya and a splash of pomegranate to help give the chicken breast and rice noodles a zingy Asian flair.

Salmon and soba noodle salad

Inspired by Japanese cuisine, this salad is super healthy. Featuring crunchy edamame beans, bean sprouts and soba noodles tossed in a tangy dressing, this again is quite an unusual mix of ingredients.

Croque monsieur

Gooey, melting cheese with a beautiful slice of quality turkey ham, the croque monsieur is an old favourite of mine. And what’s special here is we kept the recipe as close to the original as possible with creamy béchamel sauce and a touch of mustard, too. This is undeniably a restaurant-worthy sandwich!

Meatball sub

Who doesn’t love meatballs? I have Turkish roots and in Turkey we have a popular street food snack called ‘Turkish wet burger’ (ıslak burger) – it’s like a rich, home-made tomato sauce-soaked burger, but in meatball form.

And this is what inspired my sub!

Pulled beef brioche roll

Perfecting pulled beef takes hours, so at Spinneys we’re doing the hard work for you here. We cook the beef in a blend of herbs and spices to create this juicy, mother-watering filling, which we pack into a pillowy-soft brioche roll.