Sophia the strawberry’s shortbread witch fingers with strawberry jam

Sophia the strawberry’s shortbread witch fingers with strawberry jam

دقائق15 تحضير · دقائق15 طهي

You can count on these ghoulish fingers to put a smile on faces this Halloween

انشأ بواسطة سبينس
وقت التحضير 15 دقائق
Freezing Time 30 minutes+
وقت الطهي 15 دقائق
عدد الأفراد 10
مطبخ الأمريكي
النظام الغذائي نباتي
إرشادات التحضير وصفة متوسطة السهولة
المعلومات الغذائية (لكل حصة)
سعرات حرارية 397
دهون 20.6g
المشبعة 11.9g
بروتين 4.8g
الكربوهيدرات 48.9g
السكريات 14.6g
نظرًا لطبيعة وصفات سبينس للطهي في المنزل والتغيرات الطبيعية في المكونات، يتم تقريب المعلومات الغذائية على قدر الإمكان. تعرف على المزيد

طريقة التحضير

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Using a stand mixer or electric beater, cream the icing sugar and softened butter until pale and fluffy, approx. 2 minutes. Add in the egg and continue to beat until fully incorporated and fluffy, approx. 1 minute. Mix in the vanilla extract and food colouring until fully combined.


In a separate small bowl, whisk the flour and salt together. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and beat on a low speed until just combined. Cover the bowl with cling film and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or up to 2 days.


Portion the dough into 10-12 even-sized balls. Roll each ball between your palms to form finger-shaped logs. Arrange the logs on the baking trays and press a whole almond into each log where the ‘nail’ would be on a finger. Carefully pinch the dough just below the almond and halfway down the log to create a ‘knuckle’. Using a sharp knife, carve horizontal lines of varying lengths into the ‘knuckle’. Place 1 or 2 pistachio pieces in the finger to make ‘warts’. Repeat with the remaining dough. Freeze the shaped shortbread for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180°C, gas mark 4. Line two baking trays with baking paper.


Bake the fingers, rotating the trays halfway through, until the edges are firm and the tops are dry, approx. 10 minutes. Allow the fingers to cool slightly.


Dip the bottom of the shortbread fingers in strawberry jam and place them on a serving plate.