Created by Spinneys
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes
Serves 6
Cuisine Italian
Diet Family Friendly
Preparation Easy
Nutrition (per serving)
Calories 413
Fat 12g
Saturates 2g
Protein 49g
Carbs 25g
Sugars 1g
Given the cook-at-home nature of Spinneys and natural variations in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated. See details

Cooking Instructions

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Bring a pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the spaghetti and boil for 2 minutes.


Finely slice the garlic and roughly chop the parsley, reserving the stems.


Meanwhile, heat a large pan with the olive oil, garlic and parsley stems. As soon as the garlic starts to sizzle add 2-3 tbsp water. Remove the garlic and parsley from the pan and discard.


Add the clams and cover the pan with a lid. Allow to steam for 5 minutes, shaking the pan every now and then or until the clams are all open. Immediately remove the clams from the pan and set aside leaving the sauce in the pan.


After two minutes, add the spaghetti to the sauce and bring to a simmer. Add a small ladle of the hot spaghetti water to the pan, continue to simmer on a high heat. The spaghetti will absorb the water, then add another ladle. Cook for 4 minutes until al dente.


Divide the spaghetti between serving dishes, top with the clams and chopped parsley and season with pepper.