The healthiest chocolate mousse cake ever

The healthiest chocolate mousse cake ever

45 mins Prep · 40 mins Cook

This chocolate mousse cake is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and refined sugar-free – the perfect cake recipe to have in your back pocket to handle almost any allergy or dietary preference

Created by Spinneys
Prep time 45 minutes
Cook time 40 minutes
Serves 8
Cuisine American
Diet Healthy
Preparation Moderate
Nutrition (per serving)
Calories 556
Fat 23g
Saturates 17g
Protein 12g
Carbs 87g
Sugars 47g
Given the cook-at-home nature of Spinneys and natural variations in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated. See details


Cooking Instructions

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Preheat the oven to 160°C, gas mark 3.


Line 4 x 20cm round springform cake tin with baking paper and grease with cooking spray.


Pit and roughly chop the dates.


Place the dates, 2 tbsp water and bicarbonate of soda in a small saucepan and cook, over a medium heat until softened – approx. 10 minutes.


Set aside to cool slightly before blending until smooth.


Whisk the chickpea flour and 70ml water together and set aside for 5 minutes.


In a large bowl, whisk together coconut flour, buckwheat flour, 90g cocoa powder and baking powder.


Combine the date paste, chickpea mixture, coconut milk and espresso before mixing into the dry ingredients.


Once combined, pour the cake mixture into the lined cake tins. If you only have one or two cake tins, do this in batches.


Place in the oven and bake for 30-40 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.


Place on a cooling rack and cool completely. Refrigerate until needed.


To make the frosting, remove the flesh of the avocados and place it along with the maple syrup, coconut cream, vanilla extract, 60g cocoa powder and a pinch of sea salt flakes in a food processor and blend until creamy and smooth.


Toast the desiccated coconut and combine with the coconut flakes.


Spread the frosting onto the cakes and decorate with the coconut, cherries and a dusting of cocoa powder. Keep refrigerated.