Hay-grilled mussels with honey and ash butter

Hay-grilled mussels with honey and ash butter

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Inspired by a traditional French style of cooking mussels in dried pine needles, this is a show-stopping way to prepare mussels. If you can’t find hay, try dried herbs such as sage and rosemary, or soaked wood chips work well, too

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Prepare a barbecue, wood or charcoal fire to a high heat.


Slice the leek in half and separate all the leaves. When the wood has turned to white coals, place the leek on the grid and allow it to blacken and char. Remove from the fire and crumble the burnt leaves into a bowl.


Whip the butter and honey by hand or with a handheld beater until soft and fluffy. Scoop the butter into a ramekin or small dish and sprinkle the leek ash over.


Arrange the mussels facing down on top of a cast-iron pan and place the hay on top of them. Place the pan on the hot grid. The hay will start to smoke and catch fi re after a few minutes (you may need to use a butane match or lighter to help ignite the hay).


Check the mussels after a few minutes and once the shells begin to open, sprinkle the mussels with the raspberry vinegar, if desired. Cover the mussels again and continue to grill until all the shells open – approx. 5-8 minutes.


Transfer the smoking, steaming pan to a heatproof platter and serve the mussels at once, discarding any that have not opened.


Serve with the ash butter and baguette.